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Warming words for a cold September

Another month is nearly over and it’s getting closer and closer to that time of year when, other than through the office window, the Creo team sees no weekday daylight. Yikes!

So while we’re coming to terms with the fact it’s nearly Christmas already (okay, maybe we’re being a little melodramatic), it was lovely to read through a draft blog post this morning from Rachael Fletcher, who joined us last week to get some a glimpse into the world of PR, and of course Creo is always happy to help with that!

Rachael finished her degree in Journalism earlier this year and was keen to get some experience under her belt, so she contacted us to see if we could show her the ropes. At the end of her week with us, we asked her to tell us how she’d found being in the office and dealing with the day-to-day tasks of a PR, so here’s what she had to say:

“The whole team have been so friendly and accommodating, putting me through my paces getting me to write press releases and create online content for their clients; all the while giving me helpful advice on how to improve my work.

“Throughout my degree, I was trained to turn the contents of a press release into a story fit for publication – however, being at Creo meant the shoe was on the other foot. For the first time, it was I who had the task of writing the release.

“Initially I found this a challenge and realised just how much I had taken those press releases for granted! But by Friday, with help from Bryn, my mentor for the week, I was able to write a release with relative ease.

“My week at Creo has been great fun and I’ve loved being in the office with the team, discovering what working in a PR agency is all about – and I’ve only had to make one cup of coffee!”

Don’t be mistaken – we are coffee fiends in this office, but we know there are a lot better things to learn about than how to dissolve coffee granules in hot water! It’s always great to get such fantastic feedback from those who come to us for experience and advice, especially so when it was such a pleasure to have them with us.

Thanks for the kind words, Rachael, we all have an inkling that you’re going to go far!

Jess Ramsey

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