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To go-get or to go-give?

After the longest period of annual leave I have taken since setting up Creo, I returned to my desk this week with a touch of jetlag, but a definite feeling that my brain was ready to re-join the world.  Back to being a go-getter – to getting through my work and making things happen!

Two blissful weeks of sunning myself and sipping cocktails in paradise flew by, and though I’d be lying to suggest I couldn’t have managed another few weeks there (ahhhhh, if I must!?!), I definitely think the period of downtime was long enough to allow me to reflect on what has been a pretty hectic – but very rewarding – year so far.

As well as enjoying the company of my lovely husband, I also cosied up to a couple of great books, which transported me to a whole new world, and helped to slow the cogs in my head down a fair bit.  Generally speaking, I haven’t got much time for reading when I am home, and writing has always been my passion, so I find that if I have time on my hands, I gravitate towards drafting a press release or two rather than settling down with a book.  But, after rather enjoying my transformation from scribe to bookworm during my holidays, I decided to grab another book upon my return and that saw me pick up a ‘business book’ to get my reading fix.

548646841_c2452ae3ec_oIntroducing The Go Giver – A little story about a powerful business idea.

In true go-giving style, the book was loaned to me by my best friend a fair few months ago, to help pass on the knowledge she had gained from leafing through it.  It’s since sat by my bed, waiting for the day I would dust down the cobwebs that have been forming all around it and give it a read!  But – having read it from cover to cover in one sitting (which sounds impressive until I tell you it was only 100ish pages) – I have to say, it is a book I wish I had read sooner.

The Go Giver explores the ways in which good businesses grow – and the attributes that make some business people successful.  And the not-so-secret secret was pretty much to look after your customers – internal and external; or put more simply, to care about people generally, and care about what you do.

The key principal in the book is about the value of ‘giving’ – and though this sounds all a little twee, it really did strike a chord.  The best relationships I have formed are with people who give but don’t keep count; who look out for you and expect nothing in return; and who – through random acts of kindness – remind you that you’re important to them.  And invariably, all of those lovely things are returned to them in spades – because it’s nice to be nice!

It’s amazing how much you benefit from a holiday, and for me, as well as feeling refreshed and well-rested, I’ve actually learnt a few things; 1. I have discovered a new found passion for reading; 2. I rediscovered my love of Baileys on ice and 3. I have learnt that it’s better to be a go giver than a go getter, because ultimately, being the former means being both.


Louise Bradford

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