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I’m writing this blog while sitting outside my daughter’s ballet lesson, listening to Newcastle United dish out a beating to Rotherham on my headphones.


I refined a social media presentation and drafted an outline plan for promoting a client’s website while my two of my boys were in their taekwondo class last night.

In fact, my whole working Friday was spent on the edge of my bed, at my dining table, my mother’s kitchen table and an uncomfortable chair in Spennymoor Leisure Centre surrounded by kids roundhouse-kicking ten bells out of each other.

Technology even allows me to write “stuff” while I’m driving (is this legal? If not, just move along, pretend I never said it) thanks to my pal Siri and her ability to note down random brain farts and half-crazed ramblings.

We have software that will find specific reporters, niche publications and influential bloggers; programmes that collate client cuttings, at Creo office we enjoy sending what we have on our MacBook screens to the GIANT flatscreen, not to mention making use of the multitude of social media channels at our fingertips offering an array of platforms to communicate, showcase, interact or just have fun.

However, no matter how space-age technology becomes, good, successful PR requires strong fundamentals. And chief among the basics is the ability to write.

If you don’t like to write, people reading your stuff can tell.

If you don’t like to write, then maybe this is not the career for you.

If you don’t like to write, what the hell’s the matter with you!?

Writing is brilliant. Functional prose, flowery gushing, nonsensical poetry…it’s fun!

Writing this blog is cool, almost therapeutic. I’ll go back and realise I’ve spewed another flow of consciousness that makes little sense, but who really cares!?


I set out with the noble intent of creating a blog that provides insight into our business or the industry in general, but quickly realised that penning a blog is more about what I want to write than what I think most people want to read.

It’s about me or the business I work for…or anything else that has entertained or tickled me. But whatever I tend to focus on, I enjoy writing about it.

This week alone I have written a pitch, a presentation, numerous press releases, a news feature, a shortened version of the same feature, meeting notes…that’s before I think about emails, Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram messages etc-etc-etc… and each one is written in a different style with varying audiences in mind and to achieve very different outcomes…or no outcome at all.

The written woTrumprd (or typed, for any pedants) is king. It can win you a smile or bring down a Government, just ask Donald Trump: “I’m a brilliant writer, really. People tell me my writing’s amazing. I have crushed my many enemies with my writing. Sad.”

Anyone considering a career in PR must love writing…or learn to love it! Read loads, write loads and be creative – one of my biggest failings (I have many) when I made the jump from in-house to agency was thinking too “corporate”. Creo gets hired by firms because we think differently, bringing fresh ideas to the table.

It may be that we end up delivering something functional rather than fantastical, but we will always try and push the boundaries as far as we can…and perhaps where we write down most of our ideas has a bearing on what we end up writing, who knows?

By the way, I finished writing this at my desk J


Bryn Littleton

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