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A taste of industry – by Shelby Brown

I’ve been at Creo for just short of a week now, and given the Easter bank holidays, that marks the end of week one of my placement.


I was incredibly nervous on the first day, as I was eager to create a good impression. That’s something I think a lot of soon-to-be graduates worry about as graduation looms closer.


For me, I was worried about making the leap between live clients and university briefs. With university, there’s a safety net there and someone to guide you if you’re not getting it right. In the real world you never really know if what you’re writing is hitting the right points. I talked to Louise and Bryn about this and I felt a lot better when both of them said that they don’t expect graduates to be go straight in to a job with perfect writing skills.


Perfect writing skills take a lot of practice and creativity. This week I’ve sat opposite Bryn, who I think definitely has this down to a tee.  If ‘master of words’ could be passed off as a job I definitely think Bryn would fit the criteria.  His writing style is brilliant – he knows exactly what to say and it always works, whereas I have been using Google define to make sure I’m using the words in the right context!


Anyway, working at Creo has been different to what I expected, but in a good way. I definitely take my hat off to Louise and Bryn for doing this full time. I’ve shared an office with them for four days, and can categorically say they are two of the most hardworking people I’ve ever met. The four days in the office have been so hectic – phones ringing, emails pinging literally non-stop, and Louise says that it’s been a quiet week this week!


Before starting the placement with Creo I had a little bit of experience working in-house which is something I thought I’d want to follow up when graduation rolls around but I’m more towards agency now.


I also thought I wanted to work in entertainment and music PR – but working with Creo’s clients who weren’t necessarily my cup of tea when I first started has changed my mind on that too.


I’ve written an abundance of press releases this week for a range of clients, and I’ve never got ‘comfortable’ writing in the same way, because they are all so different!  Creo’s clients are so varied and therefore the style of writing I adopt needs to change. It’s been a challenge to write in different ways, but I have enjoyed it, and it has given me more confidence in my ability to write.


I also got to brainstorm ideas with Louise and Bryn for a new proposal they are planning for a social media campaign. Between the three of us we came up with some very exciting ideas, and I can’t wait to see how it pans out!


Despite only being with Creo for a short amount of time, I have learnt SO MUCH. I mean this in an academic sense, but also in general. Having shared an office with Louise and Bryn I’ve had the chance to get to know them both and find out a bit more about their background and experience, and it’s been really useful.


This week really has been a big learning experience, and I’ve had so much fun being part of the Creo team so far. I’ve actually grown quite attached to Creo and I’ll be sad to leave given how many exciting projects they have going on at the moment.


One thing is certain, if next week is anything like the four days I’ve just had, I can’t wait to go back for seconds!




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