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Jenae, Jenae!

This week we have had the lovely Jenae Shaw join us for work experience.

Jenae is 15 and has been helping the team with all sorts of tasks and projects for our clients – here’s what she has to say about her time with us:

I am currently studying GCSE business and media, and am enjoying both, so I have been thinking about pursuing a career within an industry involving one or both of these studies.

I was told about Creo by my brother, who works in the same building and has worked with Creo before, and felt it would be a great chance to gain knowledge about this type of business. By taking part in a placement with Creo for a week I wanted to gain an insight into the workplace and how certain aspects of my business and media studies can be applied within it.

After being at Creo for just two days I already felt I had developed an understanding of PR and how it is applied within the business itself, and that has continued through my week here. I also feel the placement has helped me to gain knowledge about the industry and to guide me with my future choices about the career I may want to pursue. From the placement I wanted to gain an understanding of how skills can be applied in the work place and I feel I have been able to achieve this with the help of the team.

The placement has also helped me to gain more confidence when being in situations out of my usual comfort zone, such as experiencing a workplace for the first time, I think this is due to the relaxed atmosphere at Creo and the very friendly and approachable team which made me feel at ease on my first day.

I have really enjoyed my time with Creo. The whole team are very supportive with helping me to understand the business by setting me a range of different tasks to help broaden my understanding. I fully appreciate the chance i have been given by the team to expand my knowledge by giving me these tasks. As my week continued I gained further knowledge on different aspects of the business and know l feel I understand more of the details.

By the end of the week I have gained a positive view of PR and the wider communications and media industry and have thoroughly enjoyed my placement. I hope to maybe pursue a future within this industry in the future.

Jess Ramsey

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