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John Lewis Boxer dog image

It’s Chriiiiiiiiiisssssssstmas

It’s Chriiiiiiiiiiiiistmas.  Isn’t it?! 

I mean, it must be, given that every other advert I watch on TV is a festive flick!

Is it just me, or is Christmas getting earlier and earlier?  Our wheelie bin was still alive with the scent of burnt-pumpkin when the first Christmas ad appeared, and it seems to have quickly snowballed (pun intended) since then.

So is it clever marketing to get the public run away with the Christmas spirit nice and early?

It feels like it is working on me.  Last weekend, I was struck with a crippling fear that I was ‘running out of time’ to get all of the presents I need in time for the big day.  I have been pestering my husband for at least a week now to find out if his family are coming for Christmas dinner, which I do know is frankly ridiculous, given in real terms I only need a day’s notice to make sure I have enough extra food in.  It’s feeling pretty frenzied already and we’re not even in December.

So the hype must be working…. Right?

Already with 16million views, John Lewis’ festive serving, which cost £1m to make, is always eagerly anticipated.  The advert – which features a bumper line up of two foxes, a badger and a hedgehog (animals…. It’s definitely a winner!), as well as the dog equivalent of Joseph in the school play, a big Boxer dog – will cost the brand a total of £6million by the time Santa has done the rounds and the whole thing is over for another year.  Big money, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating.  While John Lewis gobbles up a good market share over Christmas, sales figures would seem to suggest that its high-street rival Debenhams experiences a very similar boost proportionately, during the trading period including Christmas.  Not bad considering I have no recollection of Debenhams ever producing such a pimped-up production.

While there can be little doubt that the John Lewis Christmas advert serves up in the heart-warming stakes, can £6m really be justified?  Without sounding like a boring old scrooge, the huge consumerism that exists around Christmas – and the idea that you can buy your way to a perfect festive season – means it is just about the most wasteful period known to man.  So hey, what’s another £6m in the grand scheme of things?!

Louise Bradford

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