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Halloween and Hannah come to Creo HQ

It’s that magical time of year where the leaves turn to lovely yellows and reds and the wintry winds start to blow them from their trees, there’s only one thing that can be said – it’s blooming cold!

And it’s not just the weather that’s changing, we’ve had a few changes over the last few weeks here at Creo.

IMG_1824Firstly, we have a new member of the team – Hannah Davison. Hannah joins us a few days a week from TEAM Wearside for work experience as she completes her business administration qualification. Hannah has only been with us for a short while but is already well settled into our team!

As things continue to get busier for our team her support with day to day tasks like research and reporting have really helped, and she says she’s already learned a lot during her time here – especially how good the food is over at our favourite Egyptian restaurant Arabesque.

We’ve also had a few new additions to our client list and we’re gearing up to work on some exciting projects over the next few months – so keep your eyes peeled for more info.

We finally got around to uploading our lovely mugs to the website and, for those of you who follow us on Twitter (@WeAreCreo), we’re using the same pictures for our own accounts so we’re nice and easy to find. Check them out on our ‘We Are Creo’ page.

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 15.44.44


We’ve also had a special Halloween profile picture to get into the spooky-spirit.

As this month draws to a close we’ve decided it’s about time we got a little more festive. And so, the first Creo Carve-Up was born. Check out some of these pumpkins!



We may have gone a little over the top, but we might as well use this as a pre-warning for any Grinches out there, because we’ll be planning some Christmas season fun and games to keep us entertained through the festive season!

Jess Ramsey

Please note we are currently working from home until further notice. To contact the team:

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