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Goal poachers?

I’m not particularly proud of the fact I’ve never had a career plan…but planning has never been my forté.

I envy those who set themselves goals: in five years I want to be a director! In six years we’ll float the business! In eight months I’ll enter the octagon and bring Connor McGregor to his knees!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I could say here and now: “In one week I’ll have eaten two family bags of Monster Munch (pickled onion)!”

I know that’s achievable…actually it’s probable…who am I kidding, it’s a given. However, it’s not like saying, “by the end of 2020 I will have secured contracts with Aston Martin, Mulberry and Nestle.”

monster munch






I think that’s because of the nature of comms – sometimes all-consuming, often frustrating, always interesting, and occasionally inspiring.

…but incredibly difficult to forecast.

Creo is lucky to have a healthy mix of clients great and small, and working life is never dull.

We passionately believe the best PR agencies become part of their clients’ teams.

We earn trust, work hard to understand the nature of a company/organisation – not just the product or service, but its values and philosophy –  we work out what they are trying to say, to whom they want to say it and we work out the best method of delivery.

We immerse ourselves in their worlds, even if it’s only for a few hours a week.

And as such, client goals become our goals, their ambition becomes our focus and their workforce become our colleagues.

So fixated are we on their aims, that it becomes easy to forget about our own…but is that really a problem?

Well, yes and no…spoken like a true fence-sitter, eh…

To elucidate, “yes” because you should never take your eye off your own ball. Ultimately, we’re all in business to succeed and make a living, to create and build a reputation, and to grow.

But we’re also here to help others…which is where the “no” comes in.

Our reputations are built on helping others succeed. The positive realisation of client campaigns we have created are our victories too, their success is our success. With every well-delivered contract, agency stock increases.

Creo is a company that does not self-promote, that’s not some sort of puritanical ethical approach, the reality is we just aint got the time! But our reputation has been forged on the success we have had working with clients.

Almost all of our clients have come to us via positive word of mouth or the invitation to tender, this is something that makes us incredibly proud, but does not mean we see ourselves being above chasing speculative work – we certainly aren’t because that can be FUN!

So, I suppose what I’m saying is that, continuing to deliver good work is the best marketing we can do…and when you’re part of a winning team, you don’t need to set goals, just make sure you smash them into the back of the net.


Bryn Littleton

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