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A fond farewell from Jess

I can hardly believe it even as I type it, but my final week at Creo is now drawing to a close.

While I’m very excited for a new adventure in Manchester and the North West, I know I will miss Sunderland and the North East, and the city and region will always hold a soft spot in my heart.

The North East is my home and always will be, and although I’m a Northumberland lass, I’ve grown an affinity with Sunderland over my two-and-a-half years with Creo working on some fantastic city projects.

My first venture to the city was as a student, what seems like a lifetime ago in 2012, and it’s strange to think that next year I won’t be travelling down the A19 to Sunderland every day…

Before I go, there are a few very big ‘thank you’ messages I need to share.


sunderland-illuminations-2015_22160343536_oFirstly, thanks to the old man in the corner, or as others call him, Bryn.

When Bryn joined Creo after it had just been Louise and I for a few months, he was a welcome addition, with a sharp and witty sense of humour that’s managed to make me laugh even when days have been tough. I’ve learned a lot from Bryn – and not just the realities of having FOUR kids and the crippling pains of getting old – he’s actually taught me a lot of work stuff too.

Drawing on his knowledge and experience from his time as a journalist has been a great chance for me to understand more about the way the media operates, and having the opportunity to brainstorm with such a creative lunatic has only grown my own creativity.

Thanks for having no filter, Bryn.


sunderland-illuminations-2015_21563733644_o-1Second, there are a few friends in the industry that have been my safety net.

They say the friends you make at university will be friends for life, and that’s true for a handful of ladies I’m so pleased to call friends. These girls have been rocks when I’ve needed an ear to listen to my work stresses and worries, and with them on the same career ladder as me, having them on hand to bring me back down from a panic has been a Godsend.

I’m sure we’ll remain close friends despite my move – they’re already planning cocktail crawls and shopping trips – and I know these girls will remain my rocks and we’ll step up the PR ladder together.

Marnie, Racheal, Aggie and Lauren, thanks for keeping me sane and driving me crazy all in one.


Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 11.04.38And, a broader thank you must go out to all of the wonderful clients, journalists and suppliers I’ve worked with during my time at Creo.

Stepping into my role as a PR assistant back in 2014, I never would have imagined I’d get to work with such a brilliant range of people. From techies in construction to some of the most impressive young leaders in culture, and from sharp regional reporters to some incredibly talented designers – I’ve been blessed that all of the contacts I’ve made have made my job so easy!

I will genuinely miss working with a lot of these people, and will be keeping a beady eye on North East news to see how they all progress with their businesses, projects and careers.

Thank you for the kindness and the experience.


IAN_9427My final thank you goes to a woman I owe a lot. The ever modest but brilliant Louise Bradford.

Strange to think we met over three years ago when she lectured my class at the University of Sunderland, but from there she had me earmarked as someone worth taking a chance on. When Louise set up Creo in 2014 I was excited for her, but didn’t expect to be her first hire, especially as I was still at university.

Inexperienced and not yet qualified, Louise took a huge gamble taking me on, and then spent rather a lot of time developing my skills and helping me progress – and for that, I’m forever thankful. I was one of the few that was lucky enough to never have to look for work when I left university in 2015, because I already had a home at Creo.

I’ve had a great mentor in Louise, and watching such a young woman set up her own business has been an inspiration, and it’s made work not feel like work having someone who’s more like a big sister than a boss.

Thanks for believing in me, Lou.


I’ll wrap this up quickly, before I get too emotional…

I have absolutely no doubt Creo will be a great success, and with all that’s been going on before Christmas, the new year looks like a big one for the business!

I’ll miss my clients, contacts, colleagues and friends, but thank you to all for being so supportive of this rather scary change in my life.

Now, if any of you feel like helping me convince my mother that 100 miles isn’t that far, that’d be great.

Jess Ramsey

Please note we are currently working from home until further notice. To contact the team:

Louise Bradford
0778 894 4120