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Creo-grow game is strong: Emily joins the team

We hear from our latest recruit: Emily Greenwood, who joins us during her time away from Northumbria University as she looks for work experience in the marketing and comms world…

emilyI’ve just finished my seventh day of work experience at Creo, and I’ve already well and truly been made to feel part of the team. It was instantly obvious that the office is like a little family, and I feel very lucky to be experiencing work in such a fun and happy environment!

I have recently finished my second year at Northumbria University, where I am undertaking a Business with Marketing Management BA hons degree, and had found myself questioning which direction I wanted to head once graduated. As my degree is a sandwich course, I have the opportunity to do a year in industry, and so set out to find work experience in the marketing field…

As I came across Creo, I realised that I’d never thought about the possibility of a career in PR, as my degree is largely marketing based. After just a couple of days in the office, my eyes were opened to the creativity, freedom and fun of the PR profession – that I can also combine with the complementary marketing knowledge that I have gained from my degree – and I already feel like the experience has confirmed my future career plans.

As soon as I started I was given tasks to complete along with a lot of freedom to be creative and brain storm, which immediately forced my confidence to grow. I find the whole concept exciting, especially the fulfilment of completing a task for a client and seeing the finished product on a website or in a magazine – I think this is one of the main reasons I now have a passion for PR!

Working in an actual PR agency is already proving so valuable to my learning and knowledge, and I can really see how Creo is going to aid my future career along with my studies in final year.

I am so grateful for the team trusting me with tasks, helping me and giving constructive criticism when needed, to enable my skills to improve. I look forward to learning more from the Creo team, and I couldn’t think of a nicer group of people to teach me!

Jess Ramsey

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