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Changing changes

It’s a cosy little picture – me sitting in the Creo office in the warm glow of our lamps, rain pelting off the glass walls as I watch the trees outside lose their leaves to a blustery wind. And although this peace rarely lasts before the phone is ringing again or more emails are pinging through, it’s a lovely moment to hold onto.

Nights are getting darker, earlier. Temperatures are dropping and days are getting damper. It must be autumn!

One of my favourite seasons… it’s the colours of the falling leaves – the rusty reds and glorious golds – that make me so fond of this time of year, but it’s never long before the talk of winter snow and presents under tree starts – where has 2016 gone?!

Determined to stay with autumn for as long as I can, I thought I’d focus in on what this season really represents – change.

While I’m not about the shed my leaves, there have been a lot of changes in various parts of my life lately, so I’ve decided to pull together a few top tips to deal with a shift in the norm, because it’s never all plain sailing.

  1. Take a moment and take stock

Changes can be scary – even small ones – so it’s easy to go to panic stations. It helps to take a look around at the whole situation to really understand what’s changing in the smaller and bigger pictures of the situation. Often, things don’t alter as drastically as we think they will when something changes, so try to keep grounded.

  1. Step up to the challenge

View changes as a chance to step up to the plate and prove you’re adaptable and capable. Whether it’s a change in home life or work situations, you can better yourself by viewing changes as something to conquer rather than something to dread. It’s easy (and generally first port of call) to moan and think the worst, but why not try looking at the positives that could come out of a change, for a change?

  1. Stay positive

Most of us are creatures of habit, so a change can be a real knock to the system, but keep a positive mind. Go through the ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘why’, ‘how’ of the change and find the positives – even though it might be difficult, there’s bound to be some – and use them as your focus.

Changes aren’t all as tranquil and pretty as the changing leaves of autumn, but there are ways to make the most of it!

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Leaf image by Nicu Buculei

Jess Ramsey

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