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Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes seems to be what life is all about for the recent University graduate, making it a suitable title for this blog post, which talks about my move from education to employment.

After spending most of this summer deeply immersed in the writing of my MA dissertation, I am turning to pastures new and gaining my first real insights into the PR industry; a world of campaigns, communication, clients, and creativity.

I loved my first week here at Creo and am using this post to share my first impressions of the wonderful world of work.

PRI have spent the past few days learning from my fellow Creo crewmates – Louise, Bryn, and Hannah – and finding out what my new role as a ‘Junior Account Executive’ truly entails.

Each day is filled with a host of activities. Whether it be bouncing around new ideas for the latest campaign, meeting with clients, publishing press releases, filming and editing… or debating the office’s air-con system… there is always something to talk, write, and tweet about.

It is the multitude of tasks and the variety of clients that make this role so very interesting. If one half of the day is spent discussing memorable one-liners and eye-catching imagery for the latest media campaign, then the second half is spent interviewing, filming and copy-writing.

The activities that now fill my day are different to what I have experienced over the past four years as a student, and it means that I am constantly learning and developing different skills here at Creo.

Yet, there are similarities that help make the move from student to employee all the more conceivable.

For one, it seems that constant deadlines are an unchanging staple of my daily life, and I’m sure that this is something that won’t be changing anytime soon. There are also similarities in the sounds that make up a day’s work – with email notifications and the tapping of keyboard keys providing the soundtrack.

I may have switched essays for press releases, and seminars for client meetings. My laptop screen may be filled with media reports, rather than the Hansard reports. Yet, the premise remains the same: researching and writing, presenting and debating.

With such familiarities aiding the transition, my first week at Creo has been a truly enjoyable one. I am certain that in the upcoming days and weeks, I will learn more from those around me and continue to develop my PR skills.

And so, I will continue to look forward to what the world of PR has to offer…


Siobhan Stobbs

Please note we are currently working from home until further notice. To contact the team:

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