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Barnstorming Award Win

Well, hello blog readers and welcome to my first sojourn into this dark recess of the Creo website…a domain usually reserved for our office’s multi-talented and some might say slightly precocious “Young Team”.

However, as the old man of the office, I do like to bull in every now and then just to make sure nobody is drinking in here or playing their music too loud.

It’s been quite the week at Creo, with new work, new tender opportunities, new biscuits and the odd nativity thrown into the weekly mix, which is already frenetic and only seems to be accelerating.

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 11.04.38However, the undoubted high point (and I apologise to my kids, as their nativity was very cute…but, let’s face it, a distant second) was the Gold Award win at the PRide Awards for Creo’s work on the rather moo-ving campaign “Keeping up with the Cowdashians”.

At first glance, and maybe second and third, the campaign appears to be nothing more than a piss-take of Mrs Kanye West and her coven of vacuous sisters (apparently available in all sizes). And yes, it is. But there is more to it than that.

While I’d love to take all the credit, the name and idea came from our clients The Great British Meat Company – the perfect client for a team of mainly vegetarians!

We love working with GBMC Director, Sam Wass, a man who has as many ideas as he does tomahawk steaks, and had a laugh compiling profiles of the cows, shooting videos of them in Northumberland with the chaps at Future&Co and then drafting entertainment news style releases and tweets highlighting the Cowdashians’ likes, dislikes, dreams and aspirations (if “not to become a steak” was one of those dreams, then I’m sad to report that clearly dreams don’t come true!).

It was a hoot – we punned, we giggled, we watched terrible US reality shows, but what we also did was raise awareness, if only slightly, of the need for people to become more engaged with what they eat. Something that is becoming increasingly important as the world’s population threatens to overtake our food supplies.

unnamedSam is a passionate advocate of sustainable, responsible farming techniques and sources most of his produce regionally. He also wants to reduce waste and actively encourages carnivores to eat the parts of the animals that have fallen out of fashion, mainly due to changing consumer habits where shoppers purchase cuts of meat on polystyrene trays from supermarkets rather than local butchers.

I recall one email from him that simply read, “I want to do something around faggots…people have forgotten all about faggots!”

Butchers, like Sam, advise shoppers on the best cuts, how to cook meat and how much is required to serve specific numbers of diners…something Sam is trying to bring back as an online local butcher. He is someone focusing on quality over quantity.

Just this week, The Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke about the need to reduce the amount of meat we (as a veggie, I suppose I mean “you”) consume to address climate change (28% of greenhouse gases come from raising cattle). We need to think about our food, especially meat.

And that is hopefully what we did with Keeping up with the Cowdashians. We made a few people want to eat less, but better meat. We made GBMC’s customers realise that their meat parcels are packed bursting with responsibly reared, Northumbrian goodness…and hopefully gave people a few giggles too.

Unknown-6So, in summary, we are a team of veggies working for a butcher, who wants us to buy less meat…hmm, and we won an award for this?

Now, the Cowdashians aren’t going to change the world or even dent consumer habits, but if, via our silliness, we made a few people think about where their food comes from, how it’s reared or even if cows (or were they bulls?) look good on camera, then it was worthwhile.

The awards themselves were aces – the CIPR knows how to put on a party and the Creo Crew tore up the dancefloor (not literally), smashed the photos (not literally) and the destroyed the bar (not literally) and generally made our first awards evening a night to remember…the Kardashians would have been proud.

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