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Birthday cake

Three is the magic number

Last weekend my baby turned three… by baby, I of course mean iddy biddy Creo, a company that has been the focus of almost every ounce of my attention since the day it got started.


There was no party or celebration to mark the occasion…. quite simply because I blooming forgot until I received a reminder from former Creo-trio member Jess!


It’s pretty astonishing that its been three years already… and pretty terrible that I forgot, especially as I had gone to the trouble over Christmas of having our branding changed into a 3 symbol… best of intentions, at least.


The truth is that work has simply got in the way of grand plans lately, and I guess that’s to blame for my total forgetfulness… and I also suppose that’s a good sign, because it tells you a bit about how we’re doing as a business. Busy is definitely the word! And thankfully I’m more attentive of client deadlines than I am my baby’s birthdays!


Needless to say, now we know it was Creo’s birthday, we’ll do something as a team to mark it… it’s so important from time-to-time to reflect on what you’ve achieved and to think about the wild rollercoaster ride you have been on, and where you want its destination to be.


It’s also important to reflect on who has made that rollercoaster ride possible and that’s something we all think about a lot. While our birthday may have breezed by without acknowledgement, what hasn’t slipped past us (and what never will), is the absolute loyalty our fantastic clients and partners have shown us over the course of the last three years…. and the extent of my gratitude to each and every person who has helped Creo along the way.


I started out with a little vision – a plan to deliver a better, more creative kind of communication and customer service. From my little home-office, I’ve watched Creo learn to stand on its own two feet and sustain itself. And this year, it feels like it will develop again, as new people join the team, bringing a fresh perspective and a different dimension to my lovely little Creo!


Like a proud mam, Creo’s third birthday was a brief chance to take a step back and look at how the company has grown and developed. And then, after a momentary pause, it’s time to look ahead to year four, and get set for the big steps we will take as we get another year older and wiser!


Louise Bradford