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PR is like a box of chocolates…

“Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get.”


I’m quoting Forrest Gump quoting his mother, who clearly never had a box of Milk Tray as the kidney-shaped one was ALWAYS orange cream…bleugh!


However, the general point of not knowing what life is going to throw at you at any given moment is a fair one.


The simplest-sounding briefs can suddenly turn into Trumpian chaos engines, throwing an array of obstacles in your path as the simple “press release and social media support” grows teeth and starts biting your fingers as you type.


It’s how we respond to these challenges (in PR they’re “challenges” – in other walks of life they’re known as “problems” or, occasionally “nightmares”) that can make or break agencies and individuals.


The best practitioners are the ones who are agile and can react positively when things start to unravel. Keeping your head while all around you look for someone to blame is vital. While this is true in all aspects of life, it is vital in PR.


Creo is fortunate that we have yet to encounter such “challenges”, but diversions and roadblocks in some projects are inevitable and we work hard to develop proactive relationships with clients so that we are trusted if ever they feel the wheels are coming off a project or there are mounting “issues” (another PR word for “problems”) within their organisations.


They call us and we call on our experience, nous, ability, creativity and contacts to present our suggestions/recommendations and agree a way forward.


Time can be of the essence, so making the right decisions early can be key, but also is the ability to recognise when a change in tack is required, even if it means creating more work for yourself – buckle up, this isn’t a 9-5 job!


So don’t “run Forrest, run” away from the “challenges”, face them with a cool head and you’ll usually come out the other side unscathed and with a grateful client, maybe even bearing a box of chocolates.


Bryn Littleton