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Bridget Blogs

I have just finished my second week as Creo’s newest member of staff.

It’s hard to believe that it was all the way back in November when I first came into Creo for a week of work experience and now I have joined the team as an Account Executive alongside studying for an MA in PR at University of Sunderland.

I am now halfway into my Masters and it’s great to be able to put what I am being taught into practice.

As I delve deeper into the course, it’s reassuring to know that what I am learning is not in vain.

Often in academia it’s hard to see the point of what you’re learning. Throughout school we were always asking, ‘when am I ever going to use Pythagoras again?’ or ‘how can rock formations help me in my everyday life?’

But working in a PR agency alongside studying for a Masters in PR assures me that everything we are doing is relevant.

Only the other day I was asked to write an internal newsletter for a client just a few weeks after having a lecture on internal communications.

Working two days a week at Creo is a great introduction into working in PR.

The experience I have had so far has been invaluable. I am looking forward to seeing how I can progress and find out what else there is to learn- of which I’m sure there is a lot.

In just two weeks, I have already had a good insight into what a job in PR entails.

From this placement, I hope to get a well-rounded, deeper understanding of PR in a more practical sense.

I am intrigued to find out how such a small team manages the expectations of so many clients.

Rushing between meetings, writing press releases and blog posts, managing crises, media relations, handling social media accounts, filming and editing… it seems a PR’s job is never done.

I feel lucky to have secured a paid placement after a week of work experience while still at university. I’m sure it will involve lots of hard work and some brilliant organisational skills and time management on my part but isn’t that what working in PR is all about?